Who We Are - Dunola Oladapo (杜若兰)

Introducing 20:40 Founding Member Dunola Oladapo, Program Officer in the Digital Inclusion Team at the United Nations ITU and Founder of Luton Lights

Dunola sits on the #iWill Fund Leadership Board where she influences how investments are allocated to increase UK youth social action, she is the current UK Coordinator of the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network [CYPAN] and she is a Schwarzman Scholars with a Global Affairs Masters from Tsinghua University, China [2020].

She has represented the UK at the Youth G7 Summit, The G(irls)20 Summit, Women Political Leadership Forum and MISK Global Forum. She is a G(irls)20 Ambassador and is the founder and trustee of Luton Lights - a project which aims to directly address the deficit of women in STEM industries in the UK.

Dunola has been awarded a UK Women of The Future Award for her continuous work to try to empower those who are marginalised in society.


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